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Hi, I’m Carolyn McGuire

Like everyone else, I am many things . . . but  as it pertains to serving you; I am a certified health & fitness coach. My mission is to support & guide you toward being the best version of yourself through the daily practice of balancing your nutrition, exercise, & wellbeing.


My Journey

It might be fun to take this time to wow you with all of my life long fitness accomplishments & successes, but I think I’ll save us both time and give you the truth, for better or worse.

From an early age, I dealt with an eating disorder that yo-yo’d from my teens through my early 30’s, and landed me with 11,000.00 in dental work where I had my entire lower mouth gum grafted.  As a newly successful animal trainer in my 20’s, I hit a high of 190lbs, and brought it down (through unhealthy dieting methods) to a malnourished 120lbs. It was then that I looked at this pendulum swinging life I was leading & decided to get to work. Throughout the last 15 years I have made it my mission to practice the art and balance of proper nutrition, fitness, & wellness.

I am a private trainer, health coach, wellness enthusiast, wife, & mother of the worlds most tenacious 7 year old.  Now enough about me . . . who are you?

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