November Meal Plan 

 Focused on fat loss, gut health, & overall health & wellness.



(1 Serving)


  • 1 cup chopped organic romaine lettuce

  • ½ chopped organic spinach

  • 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed lemon juice

  • sprig of fresh mint

  • slices of peeled fresh ginger

  • ½ of one avocado

  • 6 to 12 drops of liquid stevia

  • 1 cup filtered water

  • ½ cup ice cubes – blend and serve

  • 1 Scoop vanilla protein powder



  1. Blend up all ingredients (except protein powder).

  2. Add protein powder to mix and blend. 

  3. Enjoy!




• 2 cups spinach

• 2 cups arugula

• 6-8oz low sugar mandarin oranges

• .5 cup walnuts or pecans

• .5 cup vegan or pasture raised parmesan cheese. 

• Pasture Raised  - Organic Valley.

• Vegan - Nooch It.

• Pinch of real salt.

• Pinch of ground pepper.


• 2tbs red wine vinegar

• 1 tbs organic orange juice

• 1 tbs Manuka honey

• 2 tsp poppy seeds

• 1 tsp dojo mustard

• 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil



• In large bowl toss together all salad ingredients.

• In medium bowl whisk together all dressing ingredients except oil. Slowly pour oil in as you’re whisking.

• Pour dressing sparingly onto salad and enjoy!




1 Cup Bok Choy

1 Cup Snow Peas

1 Cup Broccoli 

1 Cup Water Chestnuts

* Any other veg you just love.

1 Fillet white fish (or salmon for increased healthy fats)

or Chicken

1 Cup Cooked Sorghum (Optional to increase carbs)


  1. Cook sorghum as directed below. Do this first as this will take the longest.

  2. Marinate fish or chicken in a bowl with lemon, himalayan salt, pepper and any other herbs for 15 mins.

  3. Lightly grease small pan with olive oil and grill your fish or chicken over medium-high heat.

  4. Lightly grease a large wok with olive oil, and add all veggies into wok over medium-high heat. Make sure to stir often and NOT overcook, as it won’t last long in the fridge for meal prepping if overcooked. 

  5. When everything is cooked, add to a bowl - Veggies, Fish or chicken, & sorghum. This can also be done ala cart!

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