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After my last blog, I hope you feel a bit more informed as to which supplements are the most important. Now lets take a look at when to take each one, how to organize them, and how to keep consistent with taking them each day.

CLA - CLA is best to be taken in the morning before or with breakfast. That is, unless you are using a CLA PM supplement that is meant for the evening.

CHLOROPHYLL - Chlorophyll can be consumed at any time of day. This is the supplement that I literally eat or drink like food all day.

VITAMIN D - Try to take vitamin D with your biggest meal of the day for maximum absorption…but if you’ll be more consistent taking it with your other morning vitamins, than just make sure you’re eating with it.

NAC - NAC should be taken either 30 minutes before, or two hours after, eating to avoid competing with protein for absorption. For cold and flu, start taking NAC as soon as symptoms appear.

VITAMIN B6 - Take B Vitamins with your morning meal. Not only will this help you remember to take your vitamins, but will help to convert food to cellular energy, which can help you start your day off right.


CAL/MAG - Studies have shown that when magnesium is low, calcium may reduce magnesium absorption. Given the delicate balance between calcium & magnesium, it is best to be sure that your magnesium levels are adequate before taking both together. Take cal/mag generally at night for aid in muscle and neurological repair.

BCAA’S - The most critical time to use bcaa’s is before and after workouts. If your goal is to build mass, also consider using a dose first thing upon waking to help stop the muscle breakdown that is turned on during your night of fasting while you sleep.

TUMERIC - Just like with chlorophyll, turmeric can and should be used whenever needed. Add it to shakes, as a mask, in food..etc. I add turmeric powder to my morning protein shakes.

MACA - With a yummy chia-like sweet taste, macs is great to add to healthy dessert or shakes, and can be used whenever needed. I add mace powder to my morning protein shakes.

PERFORMANCE ENHANCER - This amazing pre-workout mix is made to be consumed umm….pre-workout! Make sure to drink at least half the dose at least 10 minutes before your workout so your entire workout can be fired up. Then refill your bottle with more water to consume the rest during your workout. ( / 15% off code - Carolyn15)


The best thing I have found is just to use a big-ass pill organizer. I load each compartment up with all my supplements, and keep the box in a visible area of my kitchen where I can’t miss it. Each morning with my morning feed, I take my AM pills, then store the rest in a little travel ziplock bag to take with me or keep in sight for later. I keep the powder supplements on my kitchen counter as well, so I remember to add them to my shakes each AM, and always keep my hybridboost performance enhancer in my gym bag. This way, I stay consistent and organized!

We each have to find our own flow. This is mine, and I hope it helps. xo