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Take aging by the hand, Not the balls.

One of my favorite quotes has always been "Youth is waisted on the young". Not only does this sound like some line from an 80's rock song, but its also is true on so many levels. When we are young, we think we're invincible & that we know everything. We are fast in mind and body, lack any real integrity, and our emotions are all over the place. Navigating life as an early adult is rough!...but we hit the ground running (like a chicken with its head cut off) because the art of pacing isn't something most of us learn.... until we have to.

For most of us, that "have to" stage happens in our early 40's. This transition can be rough....I mean, weren't we JUST invincible and all-knowing?! No, reality check here - We were young, immature, & too busy being cool to take care of our bodies or simply enjoy being youthful. Now middle aged; we experience a need to slow down in every way. This is the pivotal time in our lives, where we choose our perception of growing older & what the aging process means to each of us.


At least 90% of the people I know have the "take the aging process by the balls" approach. We look at aging like its a curse or death sentence, from the first ache, pain, or wrinkle that arises, & attack it like its the enemy that must be defeated. The pretty people have to deal with losing their youthful looks and all the insecurities that come with that. The athletes deal with always feeling invincible, and now experiencing aches, pains, and performance changes. We all have to deal with this transition..but it is again, our perception that decides the road we go down.

In my 40's, I am realizing that we have something our youth does not. That is INSIGHT my friends. Slowing down gives us the room to look deeper inside of ourselves. To see more clearly our place on this planet & in this life.... & to really practice the art of balance in every area of our lives. This is something we could not have done or experienced in our early years. We didn't deserve it yet. It has to be earned.

So while I will be honest and admit, I'm still not in love with these new wrinkles, or these weird aches & pains that come out of nowhere, or how long it takes me to warm up before a workout..or how everything makes me gassy..ok, you get the idea. I'll take all of it, and wear it like a badge of honor, because the insight and ever-growing clarity I find in life and in myself each day, is priceless.

Here's to taking aging by the hand...not the balls.