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Since my early 20’s, I have lived without my parents (who died 2 years apart from each other), and a sister who has always lived far from me. I came to Los Angeles from a small town by myself at 17 years of age, with no high school diploma, car or plan for the future. For the last 21 years, I have found and nurtured a loyal family/community of people I can both serve, and call on for anything in return.

As we age, we all start to form communities of people around us. Though we hope to keep this community filled with people we can trust and cherish, we all have to go through the weeding out process of disconnecting from relationships that don’t serve us. I try to keep people in my universe that I can both help, and help me move through this life with as much joy and ease as possible.

Aside from the family and friends we have in our army’s, who are the soldiers in your community you can count on for self care? Below are a few of the soldiers in my army that help me stay stress-free, and healthy in both mind and body.


Dr. John Austria - Chiropractic

I met Dr. John at Novo Body in Sherman Oaks, Ca. “DJ” as some lovingly call him, is one of the most kind, generous and talented people/chiropractors I have met. When I go to Dr. John I know I will be cared for professionally, and l leave aligned and feeling amazing.


Ricardo Inostroza - Massage Therapist

I found Ricardo when visiting Burke Williams one day, while I was experiencing some bad back pain. Ricardo is by far, the most skilled massage therapist I have ever been to. He walks that line between a feel-good massage and body work that is focused on healing.


Marla Adelman - Though in my 40’s, I have people stop me every day about my skin. When asked what I use, I simply reply - "Skin Fitness!" Marla (Ms.Skin Fitnes) analyzed my skin, and matched me with products that fit into my budget and aligned with my goals. She’s a magic worker…AND the most authentic person you’ll ever meet.

Now its your turn!…I’d love to hear who is in YOUR army!