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3 years ago, I was super thin, super fit, and people told me constantly how awesome I looked. I was approached every day with the question of how I kept this “amazing” body, and asked how they could get the same.

Well, ya know how I stayed so skinny and seemingly fit 3 years ago?

  1. I was in my late 30’s and still had the fast-paced mentality that kept me super driven.

  2. My hours of work allowed me to run at 5:30am, & lift at 6:30am every day.

  3. Olive was only a year old, so I didn’t eat anything she did, so my calorie intake was WAY down.

  4. I was running around chasing her so much that I literally forgot to eat.

  5. I was living on protein shakes, which later gave me SIBO & leaky gut syndrome.

Now at 41, my daily life is very different. Though I still workout consistently and eat healthy, the variables have changed:

  1. I have truly noticed a shift in my hormones & body this past year. I have slowed down (which has been SO strange for me), and I don’t feel as invincible.

  2. My work schedule has changed drastically, so I can’t train myself until the afternoon most days, at which time I’m exhausted.

  3. Olive is now 4.5 years old and though I feed her healthy food overall, I find it impossible to stick to the same diet as before. After all, sending my girl the right message about food is priority #1.

  4. Now that both olive and myself are a bit older, I don’t chase her as much. Instead, we sit and play dolls…and see movies…often with popcorn, lol.

  5. Due to all the non-organic/ non Grass-fed whey protein shakes, I have dealt with serious gut issues and was honestly malnourished. Healing has meant changing my proteins, and eating more whole foods.

If we let societies perception of perfection weigh on us too heavily, we will spend our days feeling defeated, and giving energy to an un-achievable fantasy.

TODAY I am 10lbs heavier.

TODAY I eat healthy and lift weights.

TODAY i’m in my 40’s and shitz changing.

TODAY I take my kid to get ice-cream, and I get one too.

LITERALLY TODAY a gal asked me why my butt is bigger.

The answer - Because i’m alive. ;) xoxo