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Your Body Set Weight

Your Body Set Weight

This weeks blog topic, while quite interesting, can become pretty scientific and well…confusing. So with that in mind, let me do what I do best…cut the shit and give you the info you care about.

What is your bodies set weight..and why does it matter?

Your Bodies set weight is the weight range in which your body is programmed to function optimally. Your body will fight to maintain that weight range by doing things such as speeding up and slowing down your metabolism, or changing the hormones that cause hunger or satiety.

People who are thin and healthy, generally know what their set weight is. I’ll use myself for example. My body wants to be at 140lbs. Of course, being a woman, I want to be 132lbs,lol.. and I can get there with an anal retentive diet and exercise regimen, but when I do, like clockwork, my metabolism slows down, I have less energy, and my hunger increases. This is my body conserving energy, and trying to get back to it’s happy place…140lbs. Obese people on the other hand, have thrown their set weight off (by fluctuating hormones) and will have this as an added challenge to losing weight and reaching their goals.

So, i’m guessing the top 2 questions i’ll get from this blog are:

  1. How do I get back to my bodies set weight if i’ve thrown it off?

  2. What if my gaol weight is different than my bodies set weight?

Lets address Question #1:

Simply put, eating poorly and messing up your hormones is what has thrown your bodies set weight off. So to bring your weight back to a hormonally balanced, healthy, and optimal place, you’ll need to…. change your diet. I know…big surprise right? Seriously though, if you get consistent with an endocrine balancing, gut healing, and macro-beautiful nutrition plan, your body will do just as it always done when you treat it right…. bring you health, inside and out.

As for Question #2:

Our bodies, when in balance, do not carry an excess of fat. For most people, our bodies set weight will be within 10-15lb’s of our individual aesthetic goals. It goes without saying, that todays societal pressures are to be thin. Again, I’ll use myself as an example. My body functions optimally at 140lbs. But damnit how I love to be 132! But that comes at the cost of feeling fatigued, hungry, metabolism slowing down permanently ..etc. So, here’s what i’m getting at Question #2 peeps. Examine how you feel at your set weight, then how you feel at your ideal weight. Then look deeper into WHY you want/need to be at that ideal weight VS your bodies natural set weight. There might, just might… be a nice middle ground there.

For help with a plan … Gimme a shout!