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Heal Your Gut - Organic Genetics

Our bodies are loaded with trillions of bacteria. They help digest food and play a crucial role in our health and wellbeing. Some call our gut the “second brain”.

Living inside of your gut are hundreds of different kinds of bacteria that make up what’s known as your microbiome. Like a fingerprint, each person's microbiota is unique. The mix of bacteria in your body is different from everyone else's mix. They line your entire digestive system, & effect literally everything, good or bad, throughout your entire body.

People with gut related issues suffer from having too little or too much of a certain type of bacteria. Or they may lack a wide variety of bacteria. Whatever the case, balancing your gut bacteria, and keeping enough of the “good” bacteria truly dictates your bodies ability to stay healthy.

Here’s a list of issues that may come from your gut imbalances:

  1. Ability to lose or gain weight

  2. Ability to maintain or increase muscle mass

  3. Stomach discomfort

  4. Constipation

  5. Bloat and/or gas

  6. Inability to digest many foods

  7. Inflammation

  8. Arthritis

  9. Depression and/or anxiety

  10. Being sick often

  11. Daily Fatigue

  12. Poor concentration or focus

  13. Thinning hair

  14. Skin issues

  15. Uncontrollable Cravings

NOW…. How do we heal that gut?!

Well seeing as though our guts are, as I said, like fingerprints, we would all have a different blueprint to thrive right?! Not to mention, all the damage we’ve done to our bodies with the environment we live in and food we’ve eaten. So how do we find out: 1# What our guts are lacking, and 2# What our guts need?


Organic Genetics is a DNA gut test that gives you a scientifically sound, yet practical look at the following:

  1. What your gut is lacking and needs.

  2. What your gut has too much of.

  3. What foods your gut needs to heal.

  4. What foods your gut doesn't like.

  5. An isolated look at your specific issue(s) whether it be weight, mood, energy, skin, or immune system related... & what your gut needs to heal those issues.

Awesome right?!

So, If you’re dealing with any of the issues above, here’s what to do:

  1. Take this life informative test & discover what foods your body needs and doesnt need.

  2. Let me make you some custom meal plans to match those results.

Message me for info!!