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Top 6 Reasons YOU might be holding weight.

If you read 10 different blogs or articles on why people hold or gain weight, you’d probably hear 10 different opinions. So while i’m not claiming to be the mad scientist that’s got it all figured out…. I do feel pretty confident on this issue, lol.

Throughout my years as a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, i’ve seen my clients go through for weight gain, weight loss, and plateau’s for a myriad of reasons. But the one blanket similarity I see across all of them is…LIFESTYLE. Think about it, most of us can look back on a time when we were looking and feeling great. For me it was when my daughter Olive was around a year and half. I was still in my 30’s, teaching a ton of group classes everyday, chasing my kid around, had zero social life, and with little time on my hands I drank protein shakes and small meals each day, ending my eating by 6pm. My lifestyle lent itself to one of clean eating and lots of movement.

My lifestyle today is a bit different, and man do I feel & see it. I’m now in my early 40’s (Umm..WTF), teaching far less classes (therefore less movement), & my kid just wants to play with her friends and beg me for the ipad. I have dinner with her every night to teach her healthy eating habits, which leads to unnecessary night time eating, and I’m enjoying more of a social life once again now that she is older.

As LIFE changes…WE change. So before you go judging yourself for not being a robot that looks and feels the same way your whole life, stop and take a look at how your lifestyle has changed, and what is or isn’t working for you today.

Of course there are a million things to get on track when it comes to weight management (ie. Hydration, sleep..etc), but here are, in my opinion, the TOP FIVE things to research for yourself, if you’re dealing with weight issues:

  1. Primary food imbalance

  • Primary food is more than what you eat. Its your relationships, career, spiritual practice, and anything that feeds your soul. The first step toward success starts with adopting the practice of primary food first. Heal your relationships. Do what brings you joy. Do not settle. Live from the inside out.

2. Hormone Imbalance

  • Hormone imbalances are one of the most common overlooked issues when it comes to weight loss, especially in women. If you know your diet and exercise is on track but you cant seem to make any headway, then go get a physical & full blood panel done.

3. Upside down macros

  • Macros are the carbs, fats and proteins that make up your daily food. Though our bodies all need varied macro ratios to perform optimally, if fat loss is your goal, then you’ll need to make sure your macros are in the right proportions.

4. Calorie deficit or surplus

  • Most of us have no idea how much or little we eating a in day. Well, it is important to look at your overall daily consumption. Eating far less then OR more than, you burn in a day is GREAT way to pack on the pounds. Finding the right calorie range for you, is an important step in reaching your goal.

5. Gut imbalance

  • Otherwise known as your micro biome, your gut is basically your second brain. It controls literally every part of your health. Getting your gut tested is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Balancing you gut can not only help your weight, but can help heal every aspect of your health.

6. Too much cardio