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About mid January, after a 3 month stent of holiday awesome-ness with my 5 year old, I went to put on a pair of jeans when I realized I couldn’t even pull them up. Ugh…Apparently even the fitness trainer falls off the fitness wagon. And so I pulled out my scale, dusted it off, and jumped on to find that I was up 7lbs, and 3% body fat. I would love to say that this came as a surprise, but C’mon…we all know when were off our game. Due to some painful tendonitis, the holidays, and a busy schedule, I stopped making my fitness a priority and was now feeling and seeing the consequences. And I don’t only mean aesthetically. Besides the extra booty dimples, I also feel fatigued, mentally cloudy, I’ve got tons of carb cravings, and my joints ache.

So now what? Now I get back on the wagon…that’s what! Its in moments like these that I thank god I’m a fitness coach, so I can effectively set up a solid game plan, implement it, and get back to feeling my best. SO… I’m writing this quick blog to give YOU my game plan for getting back on track after my vacation to carb land….

1. Prep and plan my meals for the week.

  • When I prepare my nutrition for the week I head into a stress free week where I know exactly what is going into my body. It is both liberating and helps my weeks feel effortless and easy.

2. Bring a gallon of water with me and make sure it gone by days end.

  • Staying hydrated helps cleanse your body, helps with fatigue during the carb detox, and helps curb cravings while transitioning away from sugar and carb heavy foods.

3. Up my cardio for the first few weeks while maintaining my consistent lifting regimen.

  • While I don’t subscribe to the “calories in-calories out” mentality, I do find that increasing my burn in the first few weeks, helps me jump back in faster and feel more motivated…

which always brings faster results.


  • Its science. You wanna shred fat…you LIFT. So after I’m heated up & stretched out, I lift. 4-5 days a week, consistently.

5. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night.

  • It ALL starts with rest. If you don’t get enough rest, EVERYTHING fails. I have always and will always make sleep a priority.

So this is my 5 steps to getting back to feeling and looking great. Need help with YOUR game plan? Gimme a shout!