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ECO SUBBING - My Gift To You

Whether you realize it or not, living an eco-friendly lifestyle is critical in today’s world. Our planet is nearly dying because of the situation we have put it in. From global warming to insane levels of non-biodegradable pollution, we are literally killing ourselves.

In order to save our planet we need to promote self-sustainability and self-sufficiency. Our mission should be to promote a greener and healthier environment for us, our animals, and our children.

I think the main reason people don’t live a more green life is simply lack of knowledge. Ya know the old saying “knowledge is power”? Well, no three words could be more true. Let me ask you a question. If you had an easy sustainable way to live a more eco life, would you do it? Well if your answer is YES, then i’ve got a secret for you…..


These days, almost anything you use, can be substituted for an eco friendly version. Now granted, I know this can be a bit of a hunt, and who has time for that right? So we stay in our comfort bubbles and stick with what we know, even though there’s that voice in the back of our head that reminds us that were not doing our part in healing the planet for our future.

Disclaimer: You may find substitutions you like better than the ones I’ve linked, but this should help get you moving!

1. Dish Soap

Bar Dish Soap

2. Body Wash

Bar Body Wash

3. Kitchen trash bags

Compostable/Biodegradable Trash Bags

4. Paper & Plastic Grocery Bags