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Number in the Triangle - Get to Know Your Trash

Hello my wellness warriors! I’ve got TWO questions for you.

#1 - Do you look for the triangle on things you buy to see if they can be recycled? I still love you if you don't.

And #2 - Do you know what the little number inside the triangle means?

Well as always, I’m here to give you the EASY 101 to keep you moving forward on your wellness journey. Today you’ll learn what items you can recycle, what the number means, and what that item can be reborn into! Please refer to this blog anytime you need info or motivation to #DoYourPart in saving our planet.

Inside the triangle….

1 - Is found on bottles, salad dressing, peanut butter, and vegetable oil containers. 1’s Can be recycled into new containers.

2 - Is found on milk jugs, shampoo bottles, butter and yogurt tubs, motor oil bottles, trash bags and household cleaners. 2’s Can be recycled into lumber, drainage pipes, pens, fencing, picnic tables, doghouses, benches, and floor tiles, in addition to bottles and other containers.

3 - Is found in clear food packaging. 3’s Can be recycled into mats, speed bumps, cables, flooring, roadway gutters, mud flaps, paneling, and decks.

4 - Is found in shopping bags, squeezable, bottles, carpet, furniture, and clothing. 4’s can be made into floor tile, paneling, shipping envelops, compost bins, trash cans, and bubble wrap.

5 - Is found in straws, bottle caps, syrup and ketchup containers. 5’s can be made into trays, pallets, bins, bike racks, batteries, brushes, and lights.

6 - Is found in disposable cups and plates, carry out containers, egg cartons, and met trays. 6’s are difficult to recycle so try NOT TO USE!…but can sometimes be made into foam packing, light switches, and insulation.

7 - This is for misc plastics and found in certain containers, computers, sunglasses, and bulletproof materials. 7’s are almost never recycled…so don’t buy these items loosely! But can sometimes be made into plastic lumbar.

So there it is.. the mystery is solved. Now get out there and do your part!

#DoYourPart #CarolynMcGuireWellness