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A friend recently joked with me about my daily “Save the world” posts. Though truly supportive, my friend lacks the drive to take much action on her own or as I say.... Do her part. She was though, shocked & inspired when I told her a few of the changes my activism has stirred in people around me. This conversation made me realize that many of you might not know just how strong a ripple effect you can create with your words & actions.

I decided 3 years ago to start making changes in my lifestyle in order to do my part in healing the planet for our children. Around 6 months ago, I felt seasoned & educated enough to start using social media as a platform in which to empower others & further do my part. In just 6 months, countless people have contacted me to tell me how, in various ways, my posts and blogs have inspired them to make lifelong changes.

- Erika Athanas read my blogs & posts on eco living & stopped using paper towels, napkins & paper plates in her house.

- Robin S. read my post about shelters needing dog food & donated money to a shelter for food.

- Eli Celnik read my post about rescuing animals & adopted 2 cats.

- Loryn K. became a sponsor for an animal organization I wrote about.

- Countless friends have started eating more plant based, or buying only pasture raised meats & wild caught fish.

If we all stop thinking we are the exception, & start doing our part like these amazing people, we can turn this thing around. OR... we can stay in our comfort bubbles & kill the planet for our children. Just saying.

So here it. I CHALLENGE YOU to make at least one change each week. Big or small... just do it. Need ideas? Read any of my blogs... or just ask me!

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